Enotria: The Last Song is a Soulslike inspired by Italian folklore where masks give you powers

As time goes by, it really does seem like there’s a Soulslike for every occasion: Lies Of P for those who prefer their fairy tales more on the messed up side, Steelrising for those who like France and robots, Lords Of The Fallen for those who like spectral moths and lanterns. Well, another joins the fray in Enotria: The Last Song, an Italian-inspired Soulslike with the loveliest setting I’ve seen in a while.

Enotria: The Last Song – Official Technical Showcase Trailer

Enotria looks like what you’d expect from a Soulslike, in the whole dodging and parrying and enemies tanking your health bar side of things. Lots of Soulslikes (looking at you Thymesia) focus really hard on being good at one thing like combat, but they fall down on the story, levels, and the like. But developers Jyamma seem to be adding multiple things to keep Enotria from feeling a bit one-note.

For instance, you’ve got skills tied to masks, of which you can swap between three on the fly. Each mask seems to have a skill tree of its own, too, with the option to respec for free – a thumbs up from me. There’s also “Ardore”, or white orbs that let you “swap strategically between environmental states”, with one clip showing a bridge appearing out of thin air. A bit Lords Of The Fallen in the way you reveal hidden bits of the map, but if it’s done well it can add some interesting depth to exploration.

While the quality of its combat and its various gimmicks remain to be seen, I’m totally sold on the mediterranean aesthetic. Faded murals, sun-soaked villas, a path flanked by fields of sunflowers. Enotria might be the perfect summertime Soulslike around when it arrives on the 21st of June. You can keep tabs on its progress over on its Steam or Epic Games pages.

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