Fast Lane To Tokyo: An American’s Quest For Tsukuba Glory

In the wide world of motorsport, there are legendary battlegrounds where victory transcends race results. For NASCAR, it’s the thunderous sweep of Daytona. For Formula 1, the narrow streets of Monaco. And for time attack enthusiasts, there is nowhere more iconic than Japan’s Tsukuba Circuit.

Situated just over an hour from Tokyo’s bustling metropolis, Tsukuba’s 2.045km (1.271mi) 12-turn TC2000 course has been Japan’s proving ground for the fastest time attack drivers for decades.


But Tsukuba is more than just a track; it’s hallowed ground. This is the birthplace of the sport, where names like Nobuteru ‘Nob’ Taniguchi, Yoshiki ‘Fire’ Ando, and Tomohiko ‘Under’ Suzuki adorn the fastest lap record book. For iconic brands like HKS, Mine’s, and Top Fuel, Tsukuba serves as the ultimate test for their car-building and tuning prowess.


Among these titans now emerges a new name – Feras Qartoumy, an American driver with an insatiable hunger for speed.

Feras stamped his authority at Attack Tsukuba 2024, posting the fastest time at the event with a blistering 51.231-second lap, which you can watch above.


That’s the 3rd fastest TC2000 lap of all time, trailing only the likes of Ando and Suzuki.


This triumph comes hot on the heels of Feras’s successes at Super Lap Battle USA, and the 2023 World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney, Australia.

However, Feras’s journey to Tsukuba did not come without its challenges. From the logistical hurdles of shipping his car from the US to Japan to finding a suitable workspace while he was there, the road was paved with obstacles.


Yet, as is often the case in the racing world, assistance arrived in the form of Shane Bingham from Stacked Exports Inc., who facilitated transport, and Under Suzuki, who graciously provided a place for Feras to store and work on his car.


Commuting between his home in Texas and Tokyo in the months leading up to the event, Feras seized every opportunity to gain insights from Suzuki and maximize his track time at Tsukuba, which ultimately led to his success when it counted at Attack.


Amidst a sea of hard-tuned 4G63s, 2JZs, rotaries, and Honda K-series engines, Feras’s weapon of choice stands out: an LME 427ci V8 with twin Garrett G35-900s turbochargers, fitted in a C6 Chevrolet Corvette. Tuned through a MoTeC M150, the engine setup is good for 1,300hp.


Despite not running the car at maximum power, the C6’s potential is ever-present, backed by a carbon-Kevlar body from HGK Racing and an aero package generating a staggering amount of downforce.


Weighing in at just over 2,600lbs and equipped with Bosch Motorsport ABS and huge Alcon brakes, the Qartoumy Racing Corvette is finely tuned for domination.


As he continues to push the limits of performance and etches his name deeper into the record books, Feras Qartoumy represents not only himself but also the spirit of innovation and determination that defines the time attack community.

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