The Risenation Hall Of Fame 2K24

The first events of a new show season really set the tone of what’s to come, and if what I saw at Risenation‘s Hall Of Fame 2K24 event this past weekend in Belgium is anything to go by, it’s going to be a great year.

Risenation’s very first event was held at Château d’Enghien in Enghien, Wallonia back in 2017, and since then it has expanded with more annual stance-focused events – the first of the season for the past three years being Hall Of Fame. It’s come a long way from the 2022 event held in a 6,000m² space at the Brabanthal events center in Leuven, to this year taking over 20,000m² at the Nekkerhal in Mechelen, midway between Brussels and Antwerp. No less than 350 curated cars from 15 countries made this the biggest and best Risenation Hall Of Fame yet.


Shooting in this unique location, which was built in the 1980s as a produce storage facility and market, was a bit of a challenge. The dark walls, white concrete floor and curved roof full of windows with the midday sun beaming through did me no photography favors, but the subject matter within the expansive building more than made up for it.


Risenation’s mission is ‘to share the passion for stance through exceptional events’. Furthermore, they ‘want to bring together a community and create connections between enthusiasts throughout Europe.’ It really does seem like they’re achieving these things.


The incredibly diverse selection of cars on show ensured there was something for everyone. Old school, new school, OEM+ and performance builds were represented in full effect.


Liberty Walk Europe is now located just across the Belgium border in the Netherlands, and they made a big impression by showing up with four complete builds that were displayed front and center.


It’s the little things and attention to detail that really elevate an event, and special thought was put into the show floor layout with select cars raised up on podiums throughout the venue, which made it so much more interesting to view.


Hall Of Fame 2K24 was the first of three Risenation events scheduled for the year, their biggest – AllStars 2K24 – set to play out at the MECC Maastricht in the Netherlands in early August. That venue comes in at 30,000m², and Risenation will be selecting 550 cars to take part in it. The third and final show of the season, French Chapter IV, will happen a few weeks later in France on the grounds of the stunning Château Laverdines.


Given what I saw at this event, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the Risenation season has in store for everyone. As I live in the Netherlands, I’ll definitely be covering the Maastricht show.

In the meantime, there are many more images from the Hall Of Fame 2K24 in Belgium to check out below.

Collin Tiemens
Instagram: collinclicksphotos


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