OPPO brings the power of GPT to its smart glasses

Key Takeaways

  • HONOR and Lenovo are not the only brands making waves at MWC 2024 – OPPO has unveiled its latest smart glasses, the Air Glass 3.
  • The Air Glass 3 boasts AI capabilities, supporting text, images, video, and audio inputs to deliver visual and audio output to the user.
  • With a lightweight design, full-color display, and features like touch control, the Air Glass 3 by OPPO is aiming to revolutionize the wearable tech market.

MWC 2024 is in full-swing with tech brands showcasing their latest innovations and products at the showfloor. HONOR unveiled its Magic 6 Pro ahead of the event, and today we got to take a look at Lenovo’s ThinkBook laptop with a transparent display. And now, OPPO has unveiled its latest smart glasses, the Air Glass 3, bringing AI and GPT to the wearable.

The key highlight of the Air Glass 3 is its ability to provide information to the user using AI. The smart glasses support multimodal input, including text, images, video, and audio, and then process it to give both visual and audio output to the user. The user only needs to press the temple of the Air Glass 3 to activate the AI voice assistant.

Then, the Air Glass 3 relays off the input information to AndesGPT, which works on the Air Glass app on the smartphone the smart glasses are paired with. Finally, after processing the information, the smart glasses show both visual and audio output to the user. Additionally, the Air Glass 3 supports touch control for music playback, calls, information display, and more.

Hardware-wise, the Air Glass 3 weighs only 50 grams, feature a refractive index of 1.70, and offer up to 1000 nits of peak brightness. OPPO claims the Air Glass 3 provides a wearing experience that is close to that of standard glasses, all while providing the advantage of a full-color display. The glasses are also equipped with four microphones and open-ear earphones for better audio quality.

For now, OPPO hasn’t announced the global availability or the pricing of the Air Glass 3 yet. But, we’ll make sure to update the page as and when we learn more. In the meantime, tell us about your thoughts on the OPPO Air Glass 3 in the comments section below.

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